Shade Structures

Shade Structures and sails can be very useful tools when you want to cover up large areas for pools, car parks, playgrounds or restaurants. They can also be used in residential spaces and can be easily customised to meet individual needs. They come in wide range of stunning colours and sizes.

Outdoor Shade Structures

Beautiful Colours Available

Shade Sail Structures come in a wide range of hues and textures so can suit a wide range of areas whether they are commercial or residential and this includes spaces like restaurants, pools, convention centres and hotels.

Residential Shade Structures

Although they are commonly used in commercial areas, these Shade Sail Structures can be used in residential sites as well. You can choose to install them at a driveway, terrace or swimming pool. They can great for entertaining purposes and can also protect valuables such as cars from extreme weather. It is a great solution for some shade.

The material used to make this particular Shade structure comes in various makes. PVC & Shade Structures consist of the following:

  • Barrel Vault Structures
  • Customised Systems ( Automatic)
  • Light-weight Tensile Structures
  • Commercial/ Residential Umbrellas
  • Framed Structures

Jim's Shade Structures

 Types of Shade structures:

 Retractable roof systems

A retractable roof system is a great way to add some drama to your current property, whether it is commercial or residential. These structures are completely waterproof and can protect you from the coldest winters to blazing summers. They can be a great addition and an excellent investment to your space. As they can be controlled via a remote, you have the power to control the space as you like.

Car park Shade Structure 

These structures can be used to protect cars and other vehicles from the extremities of Mother Nature. They come in a wide range of shades and can be customised to fit any sized parking space. They provide ample shade and lots of protection and privacy. They come in a wide range of materials and can be made to be water and weatherproof for extra protection.

Framed Shade Structure

These structures offer a great shading solution for a range of areas like playgrounds, swimming pools, sandpits and sporting grounds. They are available in a range of shapes like rectangular or square and can be customised to fit any space possible. This type of structure is great as it does not require installing any supporting rods or poles.

Barrel Vault Structure 

Barrel Vault Structures can be a visual masterpiece. They are made to cover large areas and do a good job of shading the specific area. These structures are waterproof and curve around steel poles. They can be great to use in spaces like school grounds or large sporting ovals. If you are after a solid, long-term investment then this is the one for you.