A sail shade carport can be a great way to provide protection for your cars and other vehicles from the harsh Australian climate. Providing a cover for your truck, jeep or bike means it is well protected from hail, rain, wind and harmful rays of the sun. This ensures your car is in its optimum condition and is also safe from any damage.

Vehicles parked in residential or commercial areas are often in full view so it is important to take this into consideration when choosing the ideal shade sail for carport. Companies who specialise in the installation of carport shade sail often visit your property to get an idea of what you are after in terms of design and colour and size. This will give the professionals an understanding of what you require and they can customise a structure just for your space.

There are a wide range of colours and designs available when it comes to shade sails for carportThese can complement your existing architecture and help to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. You have the choice of going for a structure that can be free standing or connected to your building.


Cantilever Shade Solutions

This structure is great if you are after something that offers a lot of space and enquires less work in terms of setting up. There are no extra pieces like rods or poles. This structure is great for swimming pools, carports and larger car parks. They are also visually pleasing.

Curved Shade structures

This structure is a great way to create a welcoming outdoor area. The curved carport shade sail structure is free standing and does not have to be attached to your existing building with any rods or poles. The elegant curved shape of this structure means it can be placed anywhere near the building space and provides ample shade. Another great design which is perfect for shade sail carports is the Barrel Vault which is similar to the curved shade structure but requires posts on both sides of the structure and can stretch long spaces.

Barrel Vault

This structure is great for longer spaces requiring shade such as swimming pools or large car parks. The top of the stricture curves so it is great for water runoff and it can customised in a way to allow light or water to enter the space below.

The Cantaport

If you are looking to make a statement when it comes to shade sails carport, look no further as this is the one design that will make everyone sit up and notice. It can be used on a wide range of spaces such as outdoor entertainment areas, pool sides, gazebos and even small and larger car parks. It can be customised to extend either length ways or sideways so as to cover the space you need. It comes in a compact and easy to install kit and you can easily put it together as it comes with a full set of instructions.

Pyramid Shade Structures

These structures are great for shading larger spaces. They come in a square or rectangular shape. These require some work with installing and need poles and concrete footings for a stable construction.