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A shade sail is a versatile product suitable for many residential and commercial applications including schools, car parking shade, pools, restaurants, theme parks and patios.
​We use only the highest quality raw materials to produce sails that are innovative and engineered to last. Our products comprise of robust marine grade stainless steel, UV resistant shade cloth and long-life thread.
​Our shade sails are professionally computer patterned and manufactured to the highest standards. All our sails comprise:

  • Commercial grade shade cloth with a minimum 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • UV resistant thread
  • Stainless steel perimeter cable and corner fittings
  • Two year workmanship guarantee

Finally, here’s a few important points to consider;

  • Shade Sails are designed for permanent use. What they are not is indestructible. We recommend their removal during extreme weather warnings issued by local authorities.
  • We recommend listing your shade sails on your home insurance policy. Some insurers automatically cover sails, but it is worth finding out for peace of mind.​
  • Be sure to check with your local Council if approval is required in your area. Building approval requirements differ between councils.