Replacements Sails & Maintenance.

Because of the Jim’s Group’s reputation for quality, Jim’s Shade Sails only supplies brand new replacement shade sails, which all come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Why it’s better value to replace rather than repair

  • Labour costs. A sail cannot be repaired in place, so by the time the sail is removed, cleaned, patched/stitched and reinstalled, it’s no surprise that it can cost more than half of the investment in a brand new one!
  • Because batches of fabric can vary, it may be impossible to match the colour, making it an eyesore.
  • Repairing one spot does not guarantee something won’t happen to another, meaning you could end up spending more than if you’d bought a new one.

Whether you decide to replace a shade sail because of damage, it’s past its prime, or you just want a new look, Jim’s Shade sails can supply and fit a brand new one designed specifically for you.