Shade sails can be a great way to protect yourself or your plants from the outdoor elements or you can choose to install them over an outdoor entertaining area to protect you from the sun, wind or rain. They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and can be easy to install. You may choose to DIY them or get the help of a professional installer. Either way, you will be left with a fantastic addition to your outdoor area that will withstand the test of time.

Sails can be attached to existing structures around your property such as carports, trees or other attachments around the house such as wooden or steel poles. There are many options out there so you can be certain to find something that complements your specific space and design needs.


  • Put the sail on the ground in the planned position; leave enough room to add hardware and screw turnbuckles out to their full extended position.
  • In order to correctly fix hardware in the precise position, use a string line around the size of the sail plus extended hardware between the planned fixing points.
  • You will need certain materials and these include; custom made brackets, stainless steel turnbuckle, snap hooks, pad eyes, eye nuts, eye bolts, shackles and chain for extending the remote fixing points.
  • When all target points are fitted and set with concrete, tense the sails equally to around 50 kilos by tightening the turnbuckles.

Benefits of DIY shade sails installation:

  • The project can be complete for a fraction of the cost of professional cost
  • Can be done according to your convenience.

Disadvantages of DIY shade sails installation:

  • Can be time-consuming.
  • There is room for error if the instructions are not followed properly.

Benefits of a professional shade sails installation:

  • The job will be done to perfection as it is done by a professional who will complete it in half the time you take.
  • They will bring all the necessary tools needed to complete the job.
  • They will have a wide selection of shade sails available for you to choose from.

Disadvantages of a professional shade sails installation:

  • Can be expensive compared to installing it yourself.
  • The installer might not be available when you want them, lack of flexibility with your schedules.