Are you feeling trapped in your current job? Are you sick of doing the same thing over and over again? A career change may just be the answer you’re looking for. By joining the team at Jim’s Shade Sails , you can be your own boss and change the direction of your life forever.

Jim’s Group can provide you with all the training and skills you’ll need to start a new Shade Sails business. We have been supporting franchisees for over 25 years, with a current network of approximately 4,000 franchisees.

We understand that change can be daunting, but the rewards can be huge. Call 131 546 to find out how we can help you start your very own Jim’s Shade Sails business.


That’s a great question and you know what? You’ve just answered it! You know the name!
Brand recognition is the most powerful thing in a business and whilst most strive for it, the majority never achieve it, let alone nationally and internationally, it’s that simple.
Well it’s not really but it is in a nutshell and thankfully for us, Jim has spent the past 25 years making it the success story it is today.

Did you know that over 95% of the Australian population also know the name? That’s powerful stuff and a huge advantage to have on your side in running a business. All franchise models out there are different so you need to look at the facts and know what it is that you are looking for in a business.  Whether its lifestyle or a complete change of profession, the best advantage with a Jim’s franchise is that it works off a fixed monthly fee structure with, no percentage of annual turnover taken. This means all the hard work you put into your business ensures the rewards go straight back to you!

If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for?


Investing in any type of business is a big decision so it’s no surprise that people look to find a way to fast track their success. There are basically three options:

  • Starting from scratch can be rewarding, although it is less predictable. Everything to do with the business has to be thought of and planned meticulously for any chance of success. Extensive research must be done to make sure there is a need for the product or service in the region you live in.
  • Buying an existing business has the benefit of a track record, or good will, which you do pay extra for. This option takes a fraction of the time and energy required to build from the ground up but you still don’t know how reputable the business is until you start trading yourself.
  • Investing in the right franchise is a way to get the best of both worlds; you can build your own business, yet start from day one with 100% Brand Recognition. The better the Brand Recognition, the more likely your chance of success

Owning your own Jim’s Shade Sails franchise gives you a huge advantage as the Jim’s Group is already well known throughout Australia and New Zealand and has just celebrated its Silver Jubilee – that’s a business 25 years strong!

The Jim’s Group prides itself on very high standards, as this is the only way it can provide Jim’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s not as easy as handing over some money and abracadabra you have a Jim’s franchise. Successful franchisees need to have the following qualities:

  • Sense of pride in themselves and what they do
  • Willingness to put the customer first
  • Great support network from family and friends
  • Responsible
  • Self-motivated
  • Self-disciplined
  • Team player
  • Positive attitude
  • Great communication skills (this involves asking all of the right questions and listening intently to the answers to be able to understand the needs of your customers)
  • Genuine interest in learning about the products and associated services a franchise has to offer

Additional qualities needed to become a Jim’s Shade Sail franchisee:

  • A good understanding of general building knowledge, skills and practices
  • Enjoys working outdoors


With a Jim’s Shade Sails franchise you get to work outdoors, which means independence; working the hours you choose. You can choose to work long and hard, especially during the hotter months, so you can take more time off at other times of the year. This means a better, higher quality of life. It means being able to choose when you want to take the afternoon off to attend a child’s school concert, sporting event or spend some quality time with your other half. You can choose to take a holiday when it suits you rather than when it’s best for the boss.

How big is a Jim’s Shade Sails Territory?

  • It depends on where you are located as population differs, however all Territories are of generous proportion. All Jim’s Divisions are different in territory size with shade sails being one of the biggest. Mapping is provided during the enquiry process.

What’s included in my Territory and how does it work?

A Jim’s Shade Sails Franchise will provide you with;

  • Power of the brand
  • Hands on Job Training in your Territory
  • Leads generated for your Territory from monthly advertising fees: website, Google etc.
  • Your unique Franchise Territory with first right to all leads in that Territory
  • The ability to take leads in all vacant territories
  • Call Centre support with leads direct to your mobile phone and email
  • Ongoing business and technical support
  • Local Jim’s networking meetings in which you can meet other local Jim’s franchisees and refer job leads
  • a much bigger pooled advertising budget over competitors
  • better bulk buying power for industry materials
  • ability to contract in-house with other Jim’s Shade franchisee’s when help is needed (Big job OR taking a Holiday)
  • use of our preferred suppliers, Engineering-including computer modelling/patterning, steel fabricators, hardware supplies
  • Head office Divisional support 24/7

Jim’s Shade Sail Training

Successful Franchisees will be provided with an intense training course covering what you need to know in order to provide your customers with world class service and a 100% Jim’s Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Compulsory 3 Day Generic Jim’s Franchisee training at Jim’s Group HQ in Mooroolbark, VIC
  • Excludes flights and accommodation